Human - An Independence Day Short Film

A beautiful clip portraying the bond of humanity. Two strangers, one Hindu one Muslim, shun their prejudices over the course of conversation and share warm laughs with ammi-ka-khana. more

Roobaroo - Unity of Diversity

Different languages, one emotion, uniting all. 10 artists come together to re-create Roobaroo in a musical union of diverse languages. This proves yet again that music is beyond languages. more

I Am That Change

This video shows beautifully how we can "be the change" in our everyday life. Performing our duties is also Patriotism. Change begins with us. more

My Beautiful Woman

This surely would leave you in tears. A beautiful story of a loving mother. The language in video is probably Thai but it has english subtitles. more

Tech Conversations with My Dad

Hilarious. We all had witnessed a similar kind of conversation with our dads. And we know how uncomfortable it could be at some times. Wonderfully made! more

Tu Kitni Achhi Hai

A moving song on mothers. It will make you hug tight your mother. more

Ghar Ka Khana

This wonderful video about mom-made-food will make you feel nostalgic. As ingredients it has love, warmth, affection and emotions - all of these beautifully portrayed. It is flavoured with a dash of punjabi-ness. I bet you will find it super delicious. more


This beautiful short film portrays a child longing for mother's love. The way he expresses it will leave you speechless. more

Jad Se Judein (Stay Rooted) by Mohit Chauhan

This video will touch your heart and will take you down the memory lane. Its a wonderful mix of love, warmth, nostalgia and a melodious music. Mohit Chauhan has given his voice for the beautiful song. more

Stop Child Sexual Abuse

There has been a lot of discussion recently around the topic of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) in the context of the rising incidents of CSA. One thing that is clear in all discussions is that child awareness is the topmost requirement to stop CSA. There are many resources on internet which aim to generate awareness on this issue.

Lets look at some of these great resources. more