Be the light in the darkness

While most people today are aware of eye donation, they don't know the exact procedure to go about it. There is a severe lack of awareness on the procedure. The good news, however, is many organisations and people are working towards generating mass awareness on this issue.

Lets look at some of these great initiatives and resources.

  • The joyful laughter

    This short film features a beautiful conversation between a kid and a young man. You will be lost in the joyful laughter of the kid when suddenly his innocent reply will explode you from the inside. It brings out the much needed determination from our hearts - "Yes, when I am done with mine, I'll pass it on so they too can see the beauty of everything."

    This film was produced entirely on a pro bono basis for the Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society, the world’s biggest human eyes donor.

  • Holi and its colours

    This amazing film features a group of kids playing holi in a hostel. Watching them enjoying the festival, you will be lost in the 'masti of bachpan'. The lyrics and music are very vibrant that match well with the mood of kids. Warden kaka is such a lovely person, he will win your heart when he says affectionately "Ab kaise bataoon tujhe? (How do I tell you?)"

    This film was shot for Eye Bank Association of India by Code Red Films.

  • Eye Donation FAQs

    Want to donate your eyes and looking for some information? Then this is the video for you. All related queries & concerns you ever had are addressed by Eye Surgeon Dr. Jai Kelkar from the National Institute of Ophthalmology.

  • Its that simple

    This short animation film tells us to come forward and gift our eyes. Its simple!

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