Holi and its colours

This amazing film features a group of kids playing holi in a hostel. The lyrics and music are very vibrant that match well with the mood of kids. Warden kaka is such a lovely person, he will win your heart when he says affectionately "Ab kaise bataoon tujhe? (How do I tell you?)"

Watch the video and get soaked in the 'masti of bachpan'!

This film was made by 'Code Red Films' to promote eye donation and enjoys the distinction of being one of the most viewed TVC on YouTube. The ad, funded by the Eye Association of India is known to have driven hundreds of people to donate their eyes.


Written and Conceived by: Manish Bhatt and Raghu Bhat

Directed by: Gajaraj Rao and Subrat Ray

More Information: Eye Bank Asoociation India

Manish Bhatt talks about the making of this ad and says, "I saw blind children playing Holi in Nagpur by a happy accident. And thought there is a very powerful communication lying in this experience. It took 2.5 years to convince the director to execute this. But when me & my partner penned down the final Screenplay of the TVC, since then there is no looking back… not only Cannes ,Ad fest & Cup award jury rewarded it, but organizations like UN, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, WHO etc appreciated and thousands of people from across the world pledged their eyes including many Bollywood Celebs."


सूरज की किरणें झलमल झलमल

जागो हुई है हलचल हलचल

सूरज की किरणें झलमल

जागो हुई है हलचल

इन्द्रधनुष के टुकड़े लाकर

घोलो उनको रंग बनाकर

धरती का हर कोना-कोना

अब तो अपने मन का होना

नाम ना हो अब रंग ही बूझें

लाल हो दाढ़ी तो हरी हो मूंछें

धूम धडाका हो, छपर छपर हो,

कोई ना छूटे, हर रंग इधर हो

धूम धडाका, छपर छपर हो,

कोई ना छूटे, हर रंग इधर हो

छोटा बड़ा, काला सफ़ेद,

ऐसे रंग दो कि रहे ना भेद

छोटा बड़ा, काला सफ़ेद,

ऐसे रंग दो कि रहे ना भेद

खुशबू का कोई रंग बता दो

हवा के पंख में बांधो, उड़ा दो

धूम धडाका, छपर छपर..

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