Giving Back on 'World Day against Child labour'

While reading a friend's post on facebook I came to know that June 12th is the 'World Day against Child labour'. The post made some interesting points and it got me thinking. How much do I know about child labour laws in India? How much do I care about the future of 'chotus' working as help in nearby restaurants or homes?

Here is a small step with some simple take-action points to confront the problem instead of ignoring it.

  • Sensitization Clip on Child Labour by HAQ

    This interesting clip raises a very intricate question - "Is poverty just the cause of child labour and not its result? How can we stop this spiral?"

  • Lakshmi, The Domestic Help

    This clip portrays the life of a little girl Lakshmi working as a domestic help. The scene in which she asks a doctor about a medicine is heart touching. She innocently asks - "Doctor sir, Do you have any medicine for not feeling hungry...?" In another heartbreaking scene, the girl is questioning, probably to God "Dont I deserve even the kind of attention this dog gets here...?"

  • Childline - I Am The Change Film Project

    This short film was made for 'I am the change film project 2008' showcasing the excellent work done by CHILDLINE, a tele-helpline for street children in distress. My salute to the founders and volunteers. I was deeply impressed when I read their very well documented work . It was amazing to read the very profound and practical suggestions given by the street children to the organisation while it was evolving.

  • Doordarshan Nostalgia - Poorab se Surya Uga

    A short clip which used to come on Doordarshan when I was a kid. Short and very sweet. Raises a hope and shows us how our respect and love for a child (working under/around us) can provide a good future and happy life to these children.

Category: activism-advocacy