IBM laptop won't boot up

My biggest peeve is my T-20 IBM laptop. The problem is that it just don't boot up. Here goes the typical behavior:

I have tried all sort of things like changing CMOS battery, booting directly from AC power supply, removing RAM sticks one by one. But nothing works.

I tried to search on IBM site for any help, but there was none. Finally I turned to google, and found that I am not alone. There are many people with similar problems, but alas nobody know a solution. It seems that this is due to failure of certain chip on the motherboard - and thousands of IBM laptops are facing same problem.

I am unhappy that IBM has not released any info about this problem, its cause and possible solution (at least I am not aware of. Let me know if you know any).. It's clearly a design failure on part of IBM, and they or lenovo should have handled it.

I am still looking for a solution - I have tried misc solutions found on net without any success - e.g. removing AC power supply, battery, and CMOS battery to discharge capacitors, putting laptop in refrigerator to discharge capacitors ;)

Only good advice I have from my experience is that don't switch off your laptop, if you are facing similar problem. I was not able to power up my laptop for 3-4 months.. then suddenly one day I tried it again, and it worked. I let it on for 2 months, and it worked without any problem. I had to switch it off few days back, and I am back to same bug .. I am trying randomly from last few days for a miracle..

Anyway here goes few related links on the Internet: